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My name is Chen and I like One Direction and gay porn
Eat, Pray, and eat some more - Larry Stylinson OneShot

Warning:Mature, conatins bullying, gay sex, rimming, riding.

if you’re not into gay sex don’t read.

Harry is a complete Jew here.

if Harry or Louis see it [yeah right] go away.

"Jewish and gay? Wow, you should kill yourself." Jack laughed as he pushed Harry to the floor and started kicking him.

"Shut up." The curly boy tried to say but a kick from Andrew hit his jaw.

The bell rang. Everyone will come out of the classes, they will see what they do to him… wouldn’t they?

 No. Andrew and Jack ran away.

At least someone will help him to get up, no?

As an answer, Harry felt pain rush all over his body, starts from his balls. He immediately started to cry. This was too much.

"Little fag." Loud laughter from Louis.

"I hate you." Harry somehow managed to say.

Another laughter. “I know you don’t. remember how you came out? ‘oh god Louis, I love you!’.” He kicked him lightly. “I don’t think this thing is called hate.”

Bad memories flushing inside his head, Harry tried to get up. He was in terrible pain but somehow could stand on both legs.

"oooh, I’m so scared, he got up!" Louis said sarcastically. "what would you do? Go and cry to your mother? Or maybe pray for god to help you?"

Harry didn’t say a thing. What he did was unexpected, though.

Louis jumped a bit from the pain and the shock, then he realized Harry actually hit him in the face.

"crazy faggot." He tried to punch Harry in the stomach but Harry moved before he could.

"this isn’t over." He whispered. Harry tried to pull out a cheeky smile but failed because of the pain it caused.




The days went over. Harry still got hit and was called names.

"Everybody hates you."

"you’re too different for being part of the society."

"stupid jew. You all should’ve been killed long ago."

He tried to comment these terrible things that have been said way too much to him.

But one day, when Louis tried to hit him again, he started talking.

"excuse me? May I ask why you do this?" he said, wanting the whole school to hear him too.

"I think you deserve it." Louis said without looking at Harry is the eyes.

"and why do I deserve this?" the curly one raised an eyebrow.

"because you’re Jewish. I hate you all. You’re useless."

"I think you’re just afraid." Harry giggled to himself.

That made Louis super angry already. “what do you mean?”

"do you know why people hate us? Because we’re smarter. Everybody knows it." Harry smiled, dimple appeared in his cheek.

Louis thought Harry was beautiful smiling. But he couldn’t say it. “fine. But I do this also because you’re gay.” He said, proud of what he said.

"homophobic asshole." Harry rolled his eyes.

Louis started getting red from anger. He wanted to hit Harry. But he couldn’t ruin this perfect smiling figure in front of him.

"see? You can’t hate me. And if you ask me, I think you even like me." Harry smiled cheekily and leaned in to give Louis a small kiss on the lips which made everyone in the hall gasp in shock.

Louis didn’t move. “I’m not gay.”

"we’ll see." Harry giggled and went away.




Harry sat in his room. It was Friday night, and thanks to his lack of friends – he was alone.

He heard the front door being opened. He didn’t know who it was and he didn’t really care.

Until someone rushed into his room, closed the door, and pressed his lips to Harry’s.

Before Harry realized what is going on his shirt was pulled off.

"how did you get in here?" he giggled, looking at the lust-filled eyes of no one else but Louis Tomlinson.

"the door was open?" Louis kissed a trail down Harry’s chest and started licking his nipple while playing with the other one.

"aren’t you afraid to have sex with a Jewish guy?" Harry teased.

"not anymore." Louis bit the nipple hard, what caused Harry to moan loudly.

"aren’t you afraid of being gay?" the curly one muttered.

"don’t care," Louis bit Harry’s body in random spots. "want you."

"knew it." Harry laughed cheekily.

Louis pulled Harry’s pants down with his boxers and stared at his dick in awe.

"so big…" he mumbled.

"turn around." He said.

Harry obeyed without asking so many questions.

He felt his cheeks being spread and then the pleasure came.

"OH!" he moaned loudly.

Louis giggled. “like it?”

"YES! Do it again!"

"you deserve it… after all the things I did to you." Louis said guiltily and gave the rim another lick.

"again… again!!!" Harry screamed, ignoring what Louis said, trying not to be depressed from it while having so much pleasure right now.

Louis pushed his tongue inside, licking in Harry. The boy underneath him was a moaning sweating mess, lost in the pleasure.

"need you." Louis whispered.

He turned Harry around and kissed him desperately. “in the  second drawer.” He winked and Louis ran and got the lube and then started stripping quickly.

Harry was ready to be filled up when he felt something cold on his dick.

Louis coated Harry’s cock with lube and was ready to what he planned to do.

He sat carefully on the large member and gave himself few seconds to adjust.

"does it hurt?" Harry asked.

Louis nodded with closed eyes. “I deserve this… after all the pain I caused you.”

Harry didn’t know what to say. He just stared at the boy over him and learned his body.

"Harry…" Louis moaned and started bouncing on his cock after the pain turned into pleasure.

"feels good?" Harry winked.

"yes!!! Oh god you’re so big…"

Both boys smiled at each other.


Louis’ moans became louder and louder.

"Lou… I’m close…" Harry mumbled.

Louis tried to bounce faster until he felt Harry’s come in his hole.

he felt a hand on his dick. Harry’s hand. After few seconds, Louis came all over his and Harry’s stomachs.

"amazing." Harry whispered.

"you deserve this." Louis smiled at him, lying on top of him.

"would you please stop saying this?" Harry giggled.

"but it’s true." Louis said, kissing his neck. "I love you, Haz."

Harry smiled. “love you too Lou.”


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